What is a Parachute Rigger?

What is a Parachute Rigger? The parachute rigger is a position essential to the airborne military services. Parachute riggers are responsible for preparing and repairing both cargo and personal parachutes for use in the field. In essence, parachute riggers make aerial operations and deliveries around the world possible. Further, riggers themselves are detail-oriented and precise …

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What is a Jumpmaster?

What is a Jumpmaster? Jumpmasters are US Army’s expert Paratroopers in an Airborne unit who train and teach the Army techniques for jumping from airplanes. They are responsible for transforming Soldiers who enter Army Airborne School into Paratroopers and managing Airborne jump operations in Airborne units across all branches of services. The jumpmaster has many …

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What is Joint Precision Airdrop?

What is Joint Precision Airdrop? A precision airdrop is simply a science and technology effort directed at increasing cargo airdrop accuracy and survivability from high altitudes. U.S. military services have combined resources in an effort to pursue the Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS). JPADS integrates the Army’s Extended Glide Airdrop System (PEGASYS) with the Air …

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