Get Your Gear to the Ground

A Full Suite Of Aerial Delivery Solutions

The mission is in the details, and the first solution is very rarely the only or even the best one. Capewell’s innovative ideas and quick thinking gives us the unique ability to adapt and customize delivery solutions to keep your cargo, and your teams, safe. For each user and for every mission. In fact, we design, engineer, and manufacture the most innovative, reliable, and effective aerial delivery equipment in the world.

We develop products and services that address the specific nuances of the environment, climate, and mission, providing the broadest range of end-to-end solutions on the market.

"Built on more than a century of world class solutions for the military, Capewell has been and will always be, committed to developing the next generation of aerial delivery equipment essential to the success of every mission."

General John M. Murray, U.S. Army (Retired)
Capewell Board of Advisors

General John M. Murray
U.S. Army (Retired)
Capewell Board of Advisors

Custom Design And Engineering

Defense organizations around the world look to Capewell to design, engineer, and manufacture world class aerial delivery solutions for all kinds of environments, climates, and circumstances. So, whether you’re a part of the military, security sector, humanitarian agency, or any other organization in support of global defense and security initiatives, you can count on Capewell to develop solutions that get your equipment and personnel safely to the ground.

Need to release your equipment faster? Want a lighter, denser platforms to reduce overall cargo weight? Carrying a large load of specialized equipment that needs to land with minimal force? Looking to drop your cargo in a unique climate that contains high crosswind?

Whatever the circumstances, we’ll work with you to define the opportunity and identify your needs, then design, engineer, and manufacture innovative solutions with best-in-class precision. Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes, volumes and weights, materials and measurements. So, no matter what it takes to get your equipment to the ground, Capewell is your go-to partner to get it done right.

Types of customizations for aerial delivery products:

  • Parachutes: Stronger materials, smaller package, easier to store and deploy in extreme conditions, more reliable across different environments
  • Platforms: Stronger, studier materials, capacity to handle more cargo weight, less weight materials to carry and drop, low g-force landings, high crosswind landings
  • Release mechanisms: Quicker, more efficient release systems

Aerial Delivery Products

For decades, we've supplied the Department of Defense, Allies, and Partners with a broad range of products that can withstand today’s dangerous operating environments to bring our service men and women home. In fact, many of our solutions have become the industry standard around the globe.

Our products include:

  • Parachutes and platforms to get military vehicles, search and rescue devices and other heavy equipment to the ground safely
  • Quick release devices and cutting-edge innovative new designs that allow for faster vehicle release from the platform
  • Emergency descent devices for cargo aircraft that allow quick and safe emergency egress from the aircraft
  • Support equipment, aircraft enablers, and accessories to support Airborne Operations, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and search and rescue missions
  • And more
Aerial Delivery Video Still

"Getting equipment on the ground and operations up and running efficiently can impact the success of a mission, especially when dropped behind enemy lines or in combat zones. That’s why Capewell is focused on developing the most innovative, effective aerial delivery systems available today. Because best-in-class operations deserve best-in-class solutions."

Edward Davis, British Royal Marines Lieutenant General (Retired)
Capewell’s Strategic Director in Europe

Edward Davis
British Royal Marines Lieutenant General (Retired)
Capewell’s Strategic Director in Europe

Aerial Delivery Training

We understand the value of comprehensive, realistic training and its impact on mission success. That's why we offer one of the most complete and adaptable operator equipment training programs in the world. Our virtual and live-action training solutions give you a realistic experience in a safe environment, so you are always prepared for any given situation, no matter your role.

Operator equipment training includes:

  • Platforms: Load preparation requirements and considerations; how to distribute the load properly and equally; multi-platform egress training
  • Parachutes: How to properly attach the cargo and parachute(s); how to secure, deploy and release your cargo
  • Support equipment and accessories: How to set up and break down; how to attach equipment to platforms correctly; what to use and when to use it
  • Other Considerations: Environmental or climate considerations; repair, maintenance, parts replacement, and overhaul
  • Real-life deployment training and combination and egress unit training

Whether you join us at one of our local training centers, or we send a team to you, you’ll walk away with the tactics, techniques, and procedures you need to succeed.

Innovation That Defined An Industry

We have a legacy of developing best-in-class aerial delivery solutions. Since the 1970s, Capewell has recognized the need to drop heavy equipment out of cargo airplanes and had engineered platforms, release mechanisms, and other equipment to make that possible.

Policy And Doctrine Development

With well over a century of defense experience under our belts, we've become the global experts writing policies and procedures that increase mission success. We’ll develop the syllabus that includes all the instructions for operating our equipment in extreme conditions.

When we develop policies and procedures, we’ll start at the top, defining high-level, overarching strategies on how to set up and drop a platform to increase your success rate. We’ll define when to use the equipment and when not to, so you can focus on the task at hand. Need to drop 4 vehicles, 2 small artillery pieces,  and 8 bundles of supplies  out of a cargo airplane? Or something else altogether. We’ll give you the tools and techniques to do that successfully, every time.

We’re capable of training your teams in person in one of our classrooms in Virginia, online using a virtual setting, or on location anywhere in the world. Because the stakes are high, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re set up for success. We call this our operational readiness guarantee.

Support Services

Time is of the essence. That’s why we offer support services designed to keep your operations up and running:

  • CLS and MRO services
  • Repair & Overhaul with guaranteed repair turnaround times
  • Emergency and reset loaners available upon request
  • Test and reset, as well as end-to-end serialized service program
  • Dedicated stock for high turnover items

Your Go-To Global Partner

Our Board of Advisors plays a proactive role in giving us real-time voice-of-the-customer feedback on opportunities to improve the equipment the brave men and women of the Armed Services carry into battle – be it a war zone or humanitarian assistance effort. And because we’re always getting real-time feedback, our engineering teams are proactively solving problems that many people may not even know they have. That’s how we save more lives. Whether it’s modifying an existing product, or creating something new, we’ll design, engineer, and manufacture it to perfection — so you can focus on the mission and your team.