Solutions that Save Lives

A Full Suite Of Survivability Solutions

High risk environments require high performance solutions. That’s why we have a passion for engineering lifesaving innovations that are customized to each possible scenario. On land, in the air, or at sea. In fact, we design, engineer, and manufacture the most effective lifesaving and survivability equipment the world has to offer.

“Built on a longstanding history of delivering high quality, extremely reliable, mission critical solutions for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, at the very core of the organization is a continuous drive to innovate and develop next generation survivability equipment.”

General James F. Amos, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
Capewell Board of Advisors

General James F. Amos
U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
Capewell Board of Advisors

Custom Design And Engineering

Military, defense establishments, humanitarian agencies, and other organizations who support security initiatives around the world rely on us to design, engineer, and manufacture the most innovative, most reliable, and most effective lifesaving equipment the world has to offer.

Want more air in your emergency breathing device? Or more buoyancy to your flotation? Or a miniature handheld breathing device? In search of lighter weight, permeable materials?

Whether you need a modification to one of our existing products, or something entirely new, we’ll work with you to first identify your unique needs, then develop and engineer innovative solutions to address those needs, and manufacture them with best-in-class precision. Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes, volumes and weights, materials and measurements. So, no matter what it takes to keep your team safe, Capewell can deliver.

Types of customizations for survivability products:

  • Breathing systems: More air volume, smaller package, easier to access and use under duress and in extreme environments
  • Flotation devices: More buoyancy, smaller package, less weight and lighter to carry in dangerous, mission-critical conditions
  • Vests: Stronger, more protective materials, easier to attach other lifesaving equipment and accessories, lighter weight, and more air flow

Lifesaving Products

For decades, we've supplied the Department of Defense, Allies, and Partners with a broad range of products that can withstand today’s dangerous operating environments and bring you home. In fact, many of our solutions have become the industry standard. Our products include:

  • Integrated flotation devices that keep your head out of the water if your unconscious
  • Emergency breathing systems that give you access to air if you’re trapped underwater
  • Combat and flotation vests that include attachments and accessories to increase survivability
  • Tactical equipment like infantry parachute hardware, pilot harnesses and vests, combat vests and plate carriers, and a range of accessories
  • Specialized mission-specific kit harnesses, including enhanced and custom Helicopter Egress System for Passengers capability
  • Deployable refill stations, compressors, custom-packed cases, cleaning kits, and more
  • Helicopter hoists, hooks, and ladders supporting water and land operations

A History Of Innovation

We have a legacy of seeing into the future and coming up with solutions that improve mission success and increase survivability of our service men and women. Our history of innovative, game-changing products spans well-over a decade.

  • 1881: Capewell engineers a first-of-its-kind machine to mass produce horseshoe nails for the U.S. Cavalry
  • 1939: Capewell develops the quick release mechanism for parachutes after observing injuries to service men on the practice battlefields (that quick release device is the industry standard for all parachutes)
  • 1970s: Capewell recognizes the need to drop heavy equipment out of planes and engineers platforms, release mechanisms, and other equipment to make that possible

Survivability Training

We understand the value of comprehensive, realistic training, and its impact on mission success. That's why we offer one of the most complete and adaptable operator equipment training programs in the world. Our virtual and live-action training solutions give you a realistic experience in a safe environment, so you are always prepared for any given situation, no matter your role.

Operator equipment training includes:

  • Breathing systems: How to safely, effectively, and accurately break down the equipment, service it, maintain it, and fill it with air
  • Flotation devices: How to use, how to store, and how to effectively move and service the equipment
  • Vests: How to attach equipment in the most efficient, most effective way; how to use, store, and maintain the individual pieces of lifesaving equipment that attach to your vest
  • Enhanced operator training including emergency parts replacement and repair in extreme conditions

Whether you join us at one of our local training centers, or we send a team to you, you’ll walk away with the tactics, techniques, and procedures you need to succeed.

And we aren’t stopping there. In the coming year, we’ll be expanding our training program in innovative new ways — moving beyond equipment operation to real-life survival scenario training.

Policy And Doctrine Development

With well over a century of defense experience under our belts, we've become the global experts writing policies and procedures that increase mission success. We’ll develop guidelines for operating our equipment and training with it in extreme conditions.

When we write policies and procedures, we start at the top, defining high-level, overarching strategies to increase survivability and drive mission success. Then we’ll break them down into the specific components, right down to last detail. We’ll define when to use the equipment and when not to. How to use your equipment behind enemy lines — when using it means the difference between life and mission success.  And we’ll describe how to “train as you fight” with your equipment.

Support Services

Time is of the essence. That’s why we offer support services designed to keep your operations up and running:

  • Repair and overhaul with guaranteed repair turnaround times
  • Emergency and reset loaners available upon request
  • Test and reset, as well as end-to-end serialized service program
  • Dedicated stock for high turnover items

Your Go-To Global Partner

Our Board of Advisors plays a proactive role in giving us real-time voice-of-the-customer feedback on opportunities to improve the equipment the brave men and women of the Armed Services carry into battle – be it a war zone or a humanitarian assistance effort. And because we’re always getting real-time feedback, our engineering teams are proactively solving problems that many people may not even know they have. That’s how we save more lives. Whether it’s modifying an existing product, or creating something new, we’ll design, engineer, and manufacture it to perfection — so you can focus on the mission and your team.