AERIS BELLATOR: A New brand with some serious history

Capewell is pleased to offer a new line of tactical gear for helicopter aircrews based on designs previously available only to US and Allied Militaries. The products in our new AERIS BELLATOR™ line (Latin for “Air Warrior”) are direct descendants of the US Army’s Air Warrior gear set that was designed exclusively for combat aircrews. For the past two decades, Capewell has worked with the Army to perfect and evolve the Air Warrior system and has been the primary manufacturer.

Capewell is now developing a comprehensive line of tactical gear, under the AERIS BELLATOR™ brand, for law enforcement organizations, search and rescue crews and civil aviators.

The AERIS BELLATOR™ system is centered on a sleek, lightweight tactical vest designed for compatibility with literally dozens of specialty pouches, holsters, flotation collars and harnesses. All of these military-grade products will be available to non-military aviators, exclusively from Capewell.

We’ll be adding information on each available component in our online catalog in the weeks ahead. For more information or to inquire about customization options for your organization, contact our Virginia headquarters at 276-952-2006