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Capewell Europe Details UK Large Boat Aerial Delivery Pitch

This article was originally written by Harry Lye in London and published on June 16, 2023 by Shephard Media. You can see the original article here. Capewell Europe has positioned itself to meet the UK MoD’s A400M large boat aerial delivery requirement, offering the UK MoD a universal solution that could open doors to a swathe of […]

Getting Autonomous Vehicles to the Fight: Introducing the Next Generation Aerial Delivery Systems

Envision a future military conflict in a hard-to-reach remote island environment, where small squads of exceptionally skilled Soldiers and Marines equipped with advanced technology systematically dismantle the enemy’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) network. These teams would likely employ a combination of dynamic signature management and camouflage techniques, resource gathering, and constant adaptation to survive in ever-changing […]

Horseshoe Nails to Modern-Day Manufacturing: The Evolution to Industry 4.0 and its Impact on Manufacturing for Defense Contracts

In 1881, Englishman George J. Capewell founded the Capewell Horse Nail Company in Hartford, Connecticut. His patented automated machines made Capewell the only company in the world that could mass produce horseshoe nails in an era when horses powered transportation worldwide. For decades, the company grew and prospered based on this single high-demand product that […]

Improving Manufacturing Operations: The Importance of Automation and Advanced Sewing Technology for Defense Contracts

Protective military gear of any kind is designed to withstand some of the most demanding and challenging conditions, so it needs to be manufactured with precision and attention to detail. To meet the high-volume production needs of the Defense Community around the world, speed, quality, and efficiency are also mission-critical when it comes to manufacturing […]

Engineering Reviews and ERP Software: Mission Critical Tools for Manufacturing High-Quality Military Products

Manufacturing products used by the military require a high level of precision, reliability, and efficiency to avoid delays, cost overruns, or defects in the final product. That’s why, at Capewell, we conduct ongoing engineering reviews to identify and address any manufacturing inefficiencies before the production process begins. In this article, we take an in-depth look […]