Capewell Celebrates 135 Years!

Happy Birthday Team Capewell!

One hundred and thirty five years and going strong! What, you might ask, is the secret to our long life and good health? The key is staying ready to evolve and change with the times. When Capewell was founded in 1881, the company thrived because George Capewell introduced the first machine-made horseshoe nails–at a time when horseshoe nails were in huge demand. Since that time Capewell has always innovated niche products that were right for their time—and built them to quality standards that insulated us from the competition. The Capewell Parachute Release is a perfect example. Developed in conjunction with the US Army and introduced in 1942, “Capewells” are still the standard for military parachutists today. That product began our focus on safety products for aviation—a focus that continues to this day. Over the years we have engineered, tested and developed countless products that have become the standard by which others are judged. Our expertise has expanded into products for aerial delivery, helicopter aircrew safety, search and rescue, as well as specialty products for military and law enforcement. We also specialize in timers for military and industrial applications. As we move into the future, we are evolving to develop safety and tactical products for exciting new areas including offshore drilling and K-9 units.

In short, the key to our long-standing success is looking ahead, evolving with the times, dedication to being “first with the best”, and treating our employees and customers with care and respect. It’s rewarding to look back at the past 135 years…but our focus is squarely on the future.