Capewell Now Offers High Tech Self-Heating Textiles from EXO2

Capewell Aerial Systems is happy to announce a strategic partnership with EXO2, a world leader in the field of low voltage thermal fabrics. EXO2’s FabRoc™ material is ideal for a huge array of cold weather gear, medical cuffs/wraps and heat control devices. This revolutionary fabric conducts heat evenly without wires, and therefore can be configured into almost any shape. Unlike wire-based or carbon fiber heating systems, FabRoc™ performs even if slit, torn, folded or crushed. Powered by rechargeable battery packs, FabRoc™ devices can be temperature-adjusted for optimal comfort and performance. Heat distribution is entirely uniform without hot spots.

If you have need for cold weather garments or portable warming devices, let our engineering staff design a solution that works for you.

For more information, contact our Virginia headquarters at 276-952-2006.