Capewell offers Virtual Training

Capewell Aerial Systems has teamed up with Pennant International Group to pioneer a comprehensive virtual reality training system for C-130 loadmasters. Capewell’s deep expertise in aerial delivery combined with Pennant’s extensive capabilities in VR simulations combine to deliver the most in-depth training experience available. VR training allows C-130 loadmasters and crew members to “learn the ropes” in a safe environment and to practice emergency procedures that are simply too dangerous to replicate during live training. These simulations instill the knowledge, muscle memory, pacing and confidence that trainees need before going on live training runs.

Our system allows trainers to tailor scenarios to student experience levels and to vary simulations to change loads, locations, time of day and weather. It lets trainees gain experience in identifying and clearing malfunctions such as hung loads, loose platforms or towed jumpers.

This system is also great for recurrency training, upgrades, and requalifications.

Our Virtual Loadmaster Training System (VLTS) saves time, money and lives. The system is scalable to your available space and portable. We provide training on how to use the system plus service and upgrades as new modules are added.