Capewell’s Parachute Release Hits the Big Screen in the Movie “SOLO”

Wait a minute! Did I just see that? Wasn’t that Capewell’s classic parachute release being worn by a character in the new Star Wars movie, SOLO?

The answer is YES! Our Capewell Releases show up in the tavern scene where legendary “frenemies” Han Solo and Lando Calrissian meet for the very first time. They’re being worn by one of the bit characters in the barroom which is occupied by an eclectic assortment of aliens and inter-galactic riffraff.

We’re flattered—but not surprised. The Capewell Release was first developed for the US Military in 1939 and continues to be standard equipment for military and sport parachutists to this day. We’re happy to see that “Capewells” will still be around in the future as well.

But it looks like we’ll need to create a new sales territory.