Our PCU-56/P Vest is coming to your living room soon…via Apple TV

Quiet on the set… and… ACTION!

There’s a new series about to premier on Apple TV. It’s called “For All Mankind” and it’s based on an alternative space race, one in which the Russians beat the USA to the moon. The series kicks off on November 1, 2019 and stars Sara Jones, Krys Marshall, and Jodi Balfour as pioneering female astronauts.

Take a look at the TRAILER here. Be sure to note our intrepid corps of lady astronauts in flight suits – all wearing our PCU-56/P Parachute Torso Harness. Capewell manufactures this vest exclusively for US Navy and US Marine fighter pilots who fly planes with ejector seats. The harness includes an integrated parachute harness that deploys automatically upon ejection.

Capewell products have appeared in scores of feature films and television series over the years and we are proud to add Apple TV’s “For All Mankind” to the list!