Teaming Agreement Signed with Pennant PLC

Capewell Aerial Systems LLC a global provider of engineered products for aerial delivery, life support and tactical gear for military, law enforcement and humanitarian agencies worldwide, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Pennant International Group plc, the AIM quoted supplier of integrated training and support solutions, products and […]

These Two New Products Deserve a Closer Look…

Capewell is always adding new products to our lineup—and these two are real stand-outs! The new SAR-TAC™ Rescue Knife is a utility knife with features designed specifically for search and rescue teams and tactical units. Both lightweight and durable, the SAR-TAC™ Knife has a large thumb slot to make opening easy—even when wearing gloves. The […]

Capewell’s Parachute Release Hits the Big Screen in the Movie “SOLO”

Wait a minute! Did I just see that? Wasn’t that Capewell’s classic parachute release being worn by a character in the new Star Wars movie, SOLO? The answer is YES! Our Capewell Releases show up in the tavern scene where legendary “frenemies” Han Solo and Lando Calrissian meet for the very first time. They’re being […]

Capewell Now Offers High Tech Self-Heating Textiles from EXO2

Capewell Aerial Systems is happy to announce a strategic partnership with EXO2, a world leader in the field of low voltage thermal fabrics. EXO2’s FabRoc™ material is ideal for a huge array of cold weather gear, medical cuffs/wraps and heat control devices. This revolutionary fabric conducts heat evenly without wires, and therefore can be configured into […]

Happy Holidays to Those Who Serve

At this festive time of year, we’d like to take a moment to say thanks to those who stand in harm’s way to ensure that the rest of us live safely in a free society. This includes the military, law enforcement, fire fighters, search and rescue professionals and homeland security. Your sacrifices do not go […]

Our “Hi-Viz” Cable Splice Rescues SAR Missions

Helicopter rescue teams rely on their hoist systems to perform under tough conditions. But the cable itself can be a weak link in the system. If the cable breaks or becomes frayed, the entire mission is placed at risk and may have to be scuttled. This can have dire consequences when lives are at stake. Capewell’s patented […]

Priority 1 Relies on Capewell Gear for SAR Training

Priority 1 Air Rescue trains helicopter rescue and MEDEVAC crews worldwide. And they regularly train US National Guard personnel on SAR best practices, equipment usage, safety and more. As the world’s leading air rescue training organization, Priority 1 is familiar with just about all of the specialty gear available for helicopter crews and hoist operators. […]


Static discharge cables attach to helicopter rescue hooks to discharge static electricity so that rescue crews and victims don’t receive an electrical shock when they come in contact with the hook. Capewell Aerial Systems has just introduced a new static discharge cable with and integrated torpedo weight. The weight helps stabilize the cable by reducing […]

Introducing the “Hi-Viz” Auto-Lok Rescue Hook

ADDED VISIBILITY MEANS ADDED SAFETY Capewell Aerial Systems is pleased to announce the next gen helicopter rescue hook: The “Hi-Viz” Auto-Lok Hook. And it is truly an innovation whose time has come. Helicopter rescue missions are frequently carried out in less than optimum conditions. Stormy weather, smoke, fog, high seas and other environmental factors can […]

Capewell Celebrates 135 Years!

Happy Birthday Team Capewell! One hundred and thirty five years and going strong! What, you might ask, is the secret to our long life and good health? The key is staying ready to evolve and change with the times. When Capewell was founded in 1881, the company thrived because George Capewell introduced the first machine-made […]