Capewell Engineer Patents New Parachute Canopy Release

Congratulations to our very own Adam Fitzgerald for the award of a new U.S. patent! Patent #: US 9,242,736 Three Ring Parachute Canopy Release

CAS now offers new GENTEX “Dazzle” laser defense visors and spectacles

Capewell Aerial Systems now offers specialty visors and spectacles designed to defend pilots and crew members from the growing threat of lasers. Manufactured by GENTEX, Dazzle visors are 100% compatible with HGU-56/P and SPH-5 Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmets. Dazzle spectacles can be worn with or without a helmet. Dazzle eyewear minimizes the distraction and visual […]

CAS’ Emergency Descent Device Will Be Standard on USAF’s New KC-46 Tanker

Capewell Aerial Systems’ (CAS) Emergency Descent Device (EDD) will be standard equipment for pilots and crew on Boeing/USAF’s new KC-46 Tanker aircraft which recently completed a successful first test flight in Washington State. The EDD is a compact device that allows the user to lower him/herself safely to the ground in situations where ramps or […]

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the 774th and Dyess Air Force Base

A tragic crash of a C-130J crash in Afghanistan took the lives of patriotic servicemen and civilians. Capewell Aerial Systems would like to acknowledge them and their loved ones.

Upgrade your GENTEX helmet for added comfort and wider field of vision

The new HPU/56P aircrew helmet upgrade kit from GENTEX is now available. The HPU/56P has long been the top selling helmet for helicopter aircrews worldwide. So there are a lot of them out there. GENTEX has recently introduced a special upgrade kit that extends the life of these helmets while increasing wearer comfort and providing […]